Silverbeet / Swiss Chard

IMG_1623 IMG_1624Swiss Chard or Silverbeet as it’s also known is a little friendlier for the mouth than Spinach – you’ll not have that yukky furry teeth feeling  after gorging on these gorgeous greens (or reds or yellows). You’ll have a hard time finding Silverbeet at the supermarket so the farmers’ market is your best bet. They should be available into the early autumn. Look for shiny, squeaky leaves, and if picking yourself, take the big outer leaves if you can so that the young inner leaves can mature. Use in quiches and pies  – in combination with feta in a spanakopita is  a hit – or a favourite is to pan fry with garlic and finish with raisins, toasted pine nuts and a dash of balsamic. Mouthwateringly good…


One thought on “Silverbeet / Swiss Chard

  1. Chi says:

    Great tip about leaving the younger leaves to grow!

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