Ready this week…

After a toasty few days, the Dutch summer is back to more ‘normal’ temperatures in the low 20s, which – I never thought I would say this – is a welcome relief. There is beautiful summer fruit and veg in abundance and there’s more to come: due to the slow start to the summer, everything has been delayed for one month. Here’s a selection of what’s good this week from the Dutch soil:

Don’t miss out: the berries (strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, redcurrants) are SUPER right now but don’t leave it too much longer to stock up on the berry abundance for jams and for freezing.

Plentiful: Outdoor courgettes and tomatoes are ready, perfect paired with fresh Dutch garlic (yes it grows wonderfully here!). The cabbages are squeaky fresh and cauliflower, broccoli and fennel is good. The lettuces just keep on growin’, enjoy beetroot and silverbeet of all colours, and the new potatoes are ready to go! Go crazy with the beans: green beans, broad beans and peas. And a MUST DO this week: stuff your face with plump, black cherries which are at their very best now.

Still to come: Look out for blackberries and the gooseberries seem to be a bit more shy this year at the markets. Plums should be ready in a couple of weeks.


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