The Dutch summer continues with a string of lovely warm days to come this week. It’s not time to put away the barbeque yet!

Don’t miss out: catch the very last of the plump Dutch cherries before you have to say goodbye to them for another year.

Just arrived: the first of the wild blackberries have already been sampled by yours truly! More to come.

Plentiful: blueberries are still going strong and the Dutch plums have arrived with a bang in all colours. Head to the farmer’s market or other markets to find lesser known varieties (Opal and Victoria are the most common in the Netherlands).

Stock up big on tomatoes for preserving (for home made ketchup!!), broccoli and cauliflower are super tasty right now, get into summer beetroot and cabbage (not just winter veggies!), silverbeet, fennel, and green beans. Enjoy the lettuces for salads and cucumbers on the warmer days this week and pak soy is delicious for stir fries. Lastly, the new potatoes are just yum – simply steamed and dressed hot with dill and mayonnaise.


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